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Stomatological ambulance

Complete prevention, instructions to dental hygiene, cleaning the teeth and tartar by ultrasound, ...
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Stomatological ambulance


  • complete prevention
  • instructions for dental hygiene
  • cleaning the teeth and tartar by ultrasound
  • deacay treatment and tooth fillings of vyrious types
  • endodontical treatments – treatments of the rootage
  • inlay, onlay
  • fixed substitutes – jacket crowns, dentitions of different types
  • complete cavity reconstruction
  • removable replacements, also flexible ones


Nowadays the aesthetic appearance is inseparable part of success in private and professional life as well. Professional whitening system ZOOM is the patented system for teeth whitening. It is safe, effective and fast. Very fast. Within less than an hour there is going to happen the dramatic whitening of your teeth. The procedure is very simple, the teeth hygiene is performed, the gums and the lips are covered by silicone protection, only the teeth remain uncovered. After that the whitening jelly is applied and with the help of accelerating lamp it penetrates into your teeth and has its whitening effect. Afterwards the fluorine paste is spread onto your teeth. It is important to withstand smoking for 48 hours, eating and drinking staining meals and drinks. Make the first step to feel better, look better and leave an unforgetable impression everytime after you smile.


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Stomatological ambulance:
Monday - Friday 7:30 – 14:00
Dental hygiene ambulance:
Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 14:00
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